Adopting Business Agility at Moonpig, Part 4: Alignment

The image shows the article title: Adopting Business Agility at Moonpig, Part 4

About the Series

Getting Started

Why align?

Peter Senge is a Systems Scientist, Lecturer and Author

Why cross-functional teams?

Functional teams

Functional teams often result in multiple cross team dependencies

Cross-functional teams

Cross-functional teams ideally contain the necessary resource to enable them to operate independently

Understanding the context

Identifying value streams and core metrics

Resource Bottlenecks

  1. Accept that either one or both of your team outcomes are going to be delayed
  2. Hire additional resource
  3. Do fewer things
T-shaped skills involve developing a breadth of skills as well as a depth of expertise in one or more specific areas

What’s next?



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Amanda Colpoys

Amanda Colpoys

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